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Your gift provides comfort and care to thousands of animals in need every year. Miami-Dade County Animal Services is expanding its mission to humanely manage the County’s outdoor cat population. The Tip the Trapper Initiative will provide a monetary incentive to Miami-Dade cat trappers who bring in community cats to be vaccinated, sterilized and ear-tipped by Animal Services. Your donation to ACC goes straight to work helping tens of thousands of animals – both in our care center as well as in the community.

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  • Even if there is a special running on other dogs, pre-adoptions are always full price.
  • Your donations help ensure that the animals are given excellent care along with quality food and supplies.
  • For your pets, the Fourth of July can be a stressful, scary time.
  • If you looked through our adoptable pets pages and didn’t see anyone, check back daily!
  • T properly spay or neuter their pets, resulting in unwanted puppies and kittens.
  • We are very grateful to the local pet stores located through out Mecklenburg County who have graciously agreed to partner with us and not only house our adoptable cats, but also help find them new homes.
  • Many shelters have puppies and kittens but you may find that your heart opens up to an older animal.

The goal is to improve the quality of life for pets, who otherwise might not get to see a veterinarian. An owner whose dog has been declared dangerous must register the dog with Animal Services within 14 days of that declaration. If you’ve lost your pet or found someone else’s file a report to Miami-Dade Animal Services as soon as possible. You don’t have to be an animal expert to help out at your community’s shelter.

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San Diego Humane Society has a handful of major events throughout the year and lots of smaller events each month. Ensure you’re prepared with what do to should the unthinkable happen. In-person customer service is now available by appointment only.

Community Support Services

LMAS often offers free adoptions for select pets or other promotions through our ongoing adoption campaigns. Approved adopters have a choice of several adoption programs when looking for a new four-legged companion. Any veteran or active duty military member can adopt a pet for free from our shelters with an approved adoption application. All pets have been spayed/neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated. When an animal reaches our adoption kennels they stay there.

The most common signs include tick or flea infestations, no food or water, no shelter, injured and not taken to a vet for care, extremely thin or missing hair. All pets adopted from Miami-Dade Animal Services undergo basic vetting and include sterilization, vaccinations, and microchip. If you are interested in making a donation to help evacuees and their pets, please visit our Facebook page at /BARCHouston for details on our needs and how to donate. We have some amazing mobile events lined up for this July and August. Click for more info, directions, and a complete list of upcoming events.

To File A Report Or Complaint, Or To Report Animal Abuse Or Cruelty, Please Call

In addition, we long to see the day when shelter killing no longer exists. Join our lifesaving mission by becoming a pet foster parent to care for the large influx of pets at the shelter. We understand that sometimes the best and most feasible option for pet owners who can no longer care for a pet is to surrender them to a shelter, and we’re here to help.

Found Pets

Just be sure to come with enough time to meet the dog and check them out. You do not need to bring your own leash and collar but it is encouraged as our supplies may run low due to the popularity of this program. If you see an animal you are interested in listed in an elsewhere location, you just need to provide the ID number to costumer service in the lobby and they’ll let you know where that pet is located. In addition, the animals in these three kennel areas are adoptable and we will either adopt them to you and you can finish treatment at your own vet or you can adopt and we might finish treatment for you. This is dependent on our veterinarian as well as whether the animal still needs to be spayed or neutered. You can inquire about this during your interaction.