In April 2017, Microsoft released the Windows 10 Creators Update, which made Windows Hello’s facial recognition technology faster and allowed users to save tabs in Microsoft Edge to view later. Whether you’ve made the upgrade to Windows 10 or are holding out, you need to know how long Microsoft will provide updates and patches. One […]

When an update is available, Docker Desktop displays an icon on the Docker menu to indicate the availability of a newer version. Additionally, the Software Updates section in Settings also notifies you of any updates available to Docker Desktop. You can choose to download the update right away, or click the Release Notes option to

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Besides Windows 10 password reset, creating new administrator account on locked Windows 10 also could help you to get admin access to computer. From introduced two methods, Windows 10 Password Genius will be easier for you compared with install CD and command line. If you have added Microsoft account for Windows 10 logon, choose it

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For this reason, it’s important to check your hard disk health in Windows 11. There are various ways to check this – from built-in methods in Windows to your HDD manufacturer’s diagnostic tools. You can use all or just one of the methods we’ve listed below, depending on your preferences. The reason due to which

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