Email Marketing Case Studies: How 4 Companies Increased Their Open Rates

Email Marketing Case Study

As long as your email system is like Aweber and you have the tools available, you can begin the segmentation process. I watch the video so I know what is in it and to ensure the quality is high.

Get free online marketing tips and resources delivered directly to your inbox. Leverage partnerships with big, well known brands in your industry to create extra demand or test product lines. This email was delivered a few days before the beginning of March, so the copy in the subject line and preview text well-timed to promote their next monthly box.

Strategic newsletters and email marketing campaigns

After all, there are businesses that thrive without an email list. Among the most important lead sources, email marketing stands out as a clear winner. It barely loses to social media and SEO in inbound effectiveness, and surpasses every other outbound lead source by a significant percentage.

  • You have to create your own SMTP server, you have to create a female gender application and you have to set up everything from scratch and you have to manage everything.
  • If website visitors are reading your product pages, they are in a “consideration” mindset, meaning they are actively researching your products, perhaps with an intent to buy.
  • The way the white box cuts into the hero image above communicates to the reader that these two sections of the email are connected.
  • Santa Cruz Naturals — a business in the cannabis eCommerce space — was desperate to generate more public interest when they first came to us for help.
  • The result was not only happier customers, but faster growth.

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The way the white box cuts into the hero image above communicates to the reader that these two sections of the email are connected. The wave emoji at the front of the subject line definitely helps catch the prospective customer’s attention in a friendly way. The email’s preview copy also highlights important information even before I’ve opened the email.

Instead, they engage people via email, teach them how to do a particular thing (e.g., increase Facebook ad conversions) and enhance trust. You may not be able to build a sustainable business if you only focus on Google and organic search. Most people offer promotional codes that are difficult to remember. People won’t buy your product if the process of buying takes too long. The beauty of text messaging is that you can reach out to hundreds or thousands of people immediately, depending on the size of your list. As a personal way of communicating with real people, SMS puts your message in people’s pockets and purses instantly. Quite frankly, that isn’t a lot of space to express yourself and recommend every product.

  • More interaction on the still young website as well as direct customer loyalty of companies and addressing potentially interested candidates were the declared goals.
  • These campaigns all incorporated the Sendlane platform to achieve these results, the details of which we’ll touch on here.
  • In conclusion, Email Marketing Simplified 2015 was a great success at connecting the hosts with almost a 1000 entrepreneurs, marketing managers, and other interested industry affiliates.
  • The Walking Dead might have taken a long time to develop a loyal fanbase, but today it is at a point where it is generating high revenue volumes for the company.
  • We worked with an e-commerce company that had an email list of about 14,000 customers.
  • Tailored content has become increasingly important to sales reps as they look to provide value on the sales call.

And yet, despite their apparent rule bending, Dropbox has still become one of the most powerful companies in the online world. In fact, one of the best examples of this simplicity in action is found in their “Baby come back” email. Something that has set Dropbox apart for years and helped them reach their wild levels of success is the incredible simplicity behind everything that they do.

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We are 100% focused on improving the CX of 7 and 8 figure eCommerce businesses. Each product and ingredient is meticulously sourced, tested and tasted non stop to ensure the best quality with clean recipes – free from fillers and unnecessary extras. In addition to this, Hunter and Gathers’ commitment to sustainability, the environment, and transparency makes it unquestionably clear why they are a favourite in consumers’ shopping carts. Because email has been a big part of our lives for over 20 years now, it’s easy to take it for granted or even consider it an “old” or “outdated” communications platform. The second option is that you have to create your own email marketing system from the beginning.

A trend that I have noticed among many of the A+ players in email marketing is that they are reducing their focus on fancy copy and increasing their focus on creating incredible designs. At the end of the week, send out a follow-up email showing the challenge winner and showcasing progress pics from other clients, finishing the email with a tip or trick to help them get more out of your product. By taking a page out of the Charity Water handbook, you could try out the following strategy. By using the above method along with some other creative marketing efforts, Charity Water was able to raise nearly $30 million in 2014, according to their annual report. After a transaction or donation has concluded, clients will typically be sent to a thank you page and receive a short “Thank You” email. Well, that’s exactly what we are going to address in this article. Fill out the form below and we will schedule a time to discuss if QuaGrowth is right for your business.

Chinatown’s Oldest Family-Owned Store Is Still Centering Community

First, the mail Will go through the server then go to the inbox of the person you are sending. The second part is the email management software from where you manage everything, when I see an email marketing campaign from where you manage email lists where you can do everything the software does. Email management software that can’t do anything alone or There is nothing you can do without SMTP. Are you looking to see how you can optimize your email marketing efforts?

Keep a consistent header and footer to train your prospective customers to look to the center of the email for the offer. You can use design and photography techniques like frames, product placement or direction, and color balance help to make this more obvious. Find authentic ways to be part of larger conversations and build a brand purpose that focuses on people, not just your products. The hero image in the center showcases Birchbox’s diverse, friendly community of customers.

Email Marketing Case Study

After all, if you hint that you know a secret, people will want to know it. This is where urgency subject lines outperform direct or benefit-driven subject lines. Text messages surpassed internet, email and mail messages in terms of click-through and conversion rate. 98% of text messages are read when they’re sent at the right time. Wok to Walk, a health food company, sent a newsletter with a subject line that invited recipients to call, make inquiries and order a meal. 8 seconds, you need to grab attention, persuade people to act and provide them with products and services that work. These three aspects of digital marketing are the building blocks that you need if you want to thrive.

Mistakes To Avoid When Starting A Subscription Business

Get perks and tools for managing clients when you join our free community, Mailchimp & Co. Make your email content more Email Marketing Case Study engaging with personalized suggestions for improvement. Gauge interest and customer satisfaction by gathering feedback.

Building on the grassroots origins of the business, Kassan and LaPlante relied on social media to build MVMT’s reputation for quality and service by collecting social media followers and verified customer reviews. The MVMT social media community now numbers 1.5 million and counting. MVMT has also been featured in high-profile media outlets such as GQ. Fashion aficionados endorsed the concept, and thanks to a groundswell of support, MVMT become the second highest crowd-funded fashion brand on Indiegogo in 2013.

Kassan and LaPlante used the startup funds to launch a line of six men’s watches in 2014 that featured high-quality minimalist design at revolutionary prices. Since then, the company’s offerings have expanded to include additional designs, watches for women, and accessories. Drive traffic and boost sales with a marketing platform that seamlessly integrates with your store. With a solid plan in place, we executed on the strategy, fully integrated the selected email marketing platform with her website, and set up the necessary services for monitoring website sales and performance. Your newsletter will be different from mine, but I hope what I did in this campaign gives you some ideas. You don’t need a huge list – certainly not as big as mine – to start segmentation.

Email Marketing Case Study

There are many companies like GetResponse Mail Check Active Campaign etc. Any one of these can be used if you don’t understand what e-mail marketing tools to use, or want to know the reviews then this website is already called Best Email Marketing Tools. The earlier campaign calendar, combined with compelling email content that included dynamic countdown clocks to foster a sense of urgency, resulted in a significant Thanksgiving weekend sales jump. Click through rate grew by 30%, powering 192% revenue gains for the weekend. Visualize the impact of inbound marketing and sales on your organization’s bottom line.

They gave away a ton of free razors that week but it cost way less than broadcasting the upcoming launch on traditional advertising channels. Is click-through rates increased dramatically, as did overall engagement.

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You have to create your own SMTP server, you have to create a female gender application and you have to set up everything from scratch and you have to manage everything. Knowing about SMTP will not help your clients or your target audience. Because in this case, those technical things are of no use here. You have to learn the technical thing because SMTP alone does not know what to send, when to send, how to send, how to manage the email, there is nothing to do without the management. If you want to work with email marketing or make your business better, you have two options.

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FOMO makes your visitors eager to buy or take the action you want them to. For instance, subject lines that create a sense of urgency increase open rates by 22%. Similarly, Brits are 39% more likely to open an email if they fear missing out on a tremendous opportunity.

The team held a two-hour working session to focus on the drip campaign. They started with the purpose of the entire email sequence, which they defined as establishing trust, building a relationship and educating their audience on how to get started. On top of helping them streamline the way they spoke to their audience, the Skybound team also gained a trusted supplier in the process. We do our best to understand the individual needs of each and every one of our clients, aligning these with the visions they have for growing and expanding their operations over time. All three of the above campaigns have yielded incredible results and helped their respective owners buildpowerhousecompanies that are now the leaders of their industry. I know it seems like a stretch for anyone to actually appreciate a company for sending you an email after you have canceled your subscription to their services.

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