Nvidia users! Rollback your drivers! : ModernWarfareII

Your Windows computer will immediately begin installing the driver. Once it’s done, go back to the Driver tab and compare the version number and date to the one you noted down. If both components are changed, that means your installation is complete. If not, you may need to retry the entire process.

  • Knowing how to roll back a driver in Windows 10 is just one necessary step in ensuring you know how to stay on top of the system maintenance of a Windows 10 PC.
  • After selecting the option to roll back your NVIDIA driver, follow any on-screen prompts.
  • It didn’t correct the issue that the driver upgrade was supposed to fix, or the upgrade caused a problem.
  • While the average FPS on FarCry5 is more or less the same than the previous drivers, the lower frame times have been improved by quite a lot.

Driver Support software can inventory your computer for all supported devices. When fully registered it will update any drivers that are missing or out of date. You can search the manufacturer’s website for the latest drivers. You’ll generally need the exact model to find it. Once you do, you can download and unzip the driver files.


If you wish to disable it, untick the Notify me when graphics driver updates are available option. Tweak how often Windows will check for driver updates. Just choose your desired time from the drop-down menu and save your changes. A driver is a software program that allows the Windows 10/11 operating system to communicate with devices or hardware components.

Find the graphics driver update that suits you in the driver list. Or, you can automatically update your drivers with the help of Intel Driver & Support Assistant . You should know several things about updating drivers on Windows 11.

How To Roll Back AMD Drivers: Resolve Your Graphics Card Issues

DDU will uninstall update realtek drivers windows 10. your graphics driver, clean up the registry, remove any leftover files, and then reboot your system. Once your PC boots up, connect your PC to the internet an Windows will automatically fetch the latest stable driver. Some programs can remove all the residual files and settings from the previously installed drivers in your system. Software like GhostBuster and DDU can be installed and used in order to remove files that may cause conflict with the installation of new here drivers in your device. Before proceeding, make a backup of your system files and all the drivers.

Run the PC in Safe Boot Mode

It’s a straightforward and comprehensive way to manage your drivers, configure dual GPUs, and handle other GPU-related tasks. NVIDIA® is one of the biggest companies in the world of graphics hardware, particularly the graphics processing unit . With every new GPU series release, the company provides new ways for gamers, developers, video editors, and other visual resource-heavy users to get the most from their computers. Most users will be fine with the express installation.The custom installation will allow you to choose which of the drivers you want to install. Drivers also tell the card about new tech that could be supported in games. Like DLSS, DLAA, RTX features, etc whenever they get updates that’s in the driver.

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